Local spotlight: Christmas Shopping in Center City

Hey everyone!

Today i’m going to share with you a little bit about Christmas activities & shopping in Center City, Philadelphia. Kinda combining my “local spotlight” posts with a touch of shopping (tis’ the season after all). Last Sunday, December 11th, I ventured into the city to do a little shopping and get into the holiday spirit.

I started the day at Macy’s to see the light show & Dickens Village. If you’re thinking of heading into center city for the festivities, park at the Wanamaker building Macy’s is attached to. The elevators lead you right into Macy’s and it’s only a $16 parking fee. We happened to get there right as the Christmas Light Show began & I had never seen it all the way through until this year! I had no clue it was actually close to a 15 minute show (clip in the video!). As soon as the show ended we got in line for Dickens Village. I love how the line wraps you through the gorgeous room I have shown above. The architecture is so intricate, I wish more buildings had that much detail. The whole exhibit is based off A Christmas Carol by Charles Dicken’s and leads you through Scrooge’s past, present and future. Its a really cute walk-through display with a bunch of different scenes.

img_1650Next, we headed to Rothman Ice Rink at Dilworth Park. I hadn’t been ice skating in a few years and forgot just how much fun it is (when you’re not falling, that is). Well worth the $5 admission & $10 skate rental. This rink is open until February 26th, 2017 so I will definitely have to go back after the holidays.

Lastly, we checked out Christmas Village which is traditionally at Love Park. This year due to renovations the village was at City Hall right next to the ice rink. I love visiting here each year to do a little shopping; there were over 80 vendors this year! There’s something special about finding a gift that you can’t find at a department store. My favorite vendor each year is Wandering Waffle. Theres a few different waffles to choose from but this year I went for one with banana’s and cookie butter! I also a cool addition to the Christmas Village this year was the carousel in the center of City Hall. Getting to see the architecture of City Hall made me like this location even better than Love Park! Another little addition this year was America’s Garden Capital Maze. I was expecting this to be more like a cornfield where you can’t see the end but this was more of a garden then a maze. Still really cute and winter themed. Definitely visit if you have a chance to before Christmas!

Check out this video compilation I made of my festive day in Center City!


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