Local spotlight: Franklin Square Holiday Festival

Hi everyone!

This weeks post is going to be another local spotlight but this time i’m taking it to Philly! On Friday night I visited Franklin Square to check out the park’s Christmas festivities & light show. I know what you’re thinking… she just posted about Thanksgiving & now she’s already talking about Christmas? I admit, I’m one of those people. My house is already decorated & i’ve been listening to Christmas music. Anyway… I had never been to Franklin Square Park before & was pleasantly surprised!

The park has a playground, carousel & mini-golf year round which is really cute if you’re going with kids. There’s also a burger place there year-round which had a candy cane milkshake I really wish I would’ve tried.

A large tent is set up just for the holiday festival that includes a beer garden & some sweet treats. I highly recommend the hot caramel apple cider you can find in there. I unfortunately didn’t take a picture of mine but i’m sure you know what cider looks like. Outside of the tent there’s a ton of seating and even couches around fire pits.


The main event at Franklin Square’s Holiday Festival is the light show put on by PECO. The show runs for about 5 minutes every 30 minutes. I would definitely recommend visiting the parking during the holiday season. It’s a festive little stop without being too crazy or commercial. If you can, visit early! As you can see in the above picture I had the perfect view of the light show because not too many people were there.


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